South Wales 40k Team Tournament 2019

Sheds of the Grimdark are pleased to announce their first team tournament; The South Wales 40k Team Tournament 2019.

This event will reward cunning tactics, high standards of painting and fair play. A 4 player team format is utilised, allowing generals to play to their strengths and mask their weaknesses.

It is also ITC registered and we will be submitting scores for individual team members.

The rule pack is available here:

Tickets cost £160 per team (£40 pp) including a hot meal each day.

Tickets are available from Firestorm Games and are bought as a single team ticket:

Please email the Event Team with your Team details after you’ve bought your ticket. Instructions are found in the rule pack.

We will be limited to twenty teams initially but if there is interest, we will investigate creating more tables.

You can also register your interest over on Facebook:

Hope to see you on the battlefields soon!

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