About Us

Our ragtag band can trace its origins to the Cardiff Wargames Club. Many of us are still members and inhabit those hallowed halls of the Viet Taff, but there’s always someone who has to take things further…

I’m not sure when it began, but a chance meeting led to me being invited to a geek night, which turned out to be in a friend’s shed. As is so often the case, ‘shed’ was something of an inadequate term, as this edifice of our hobby was positively palatial! Kitted out with two full sized wargaming tables, an area for painting, shelves stacked with various games, books and miniatures, a sound system, heater, WiFi and a sofa, this place earned its name as a War Shed.

There are two such sheds in our group (one more austere than the other, but no less welcoming for it), and these are where every week, we can be found practicing the sacred art of Warhammer 40k and it’s related disciplines.

Stuart ‘Disco Stoo’ Brailsford

Suave and sophisticated, Stoo is the owner of one of our sheds, and as such is a treasured custodian of our group. His favoured army usually consists of no small amount of Aeldari Harlequins, but he occasionally dabbles with a secondary force of Primaris Blood Angels. We’re legally obliged to warn anyone reading this website not to allow this man near your dice as he’s banned from every casino in the U.K.

Paul ‘Pablo’ Price

Pablo is our second shed owner, and as such we treasure him just as much as Stoo, giving his every sentence the respect it deserves. His army of choice is either a detachment of World Eater beserkers flanked by two Leviathan dreadnoughts (Pablo likes a balanced army), or a screaming horde of Hivefleet Kraken tyranids. The first thing I was told about this man as we were introduced was “if Pablo’s charged you, he’s a happy man”. And it’s true.

Chris ‘Uncle Albert’ Miller

Chris is our veteran military man, and as such he brings his real world experiences to the tabletop. You will find him either infiltrating your back lines with his impressive Ravenguard army, or swarming you with more dakka than you can shake a stick at, as Warboss Badgas and his greenskin Waaaaagh. In between turns, he’ll regale you with his many many stories of being in the armed forces, but don’t be fooled by his strange sense of humour, he’s as cunning as he is brutal. Did we mention he was in the armed forces?

‘Young Shane’ Wilson


What can we say about Shane? We have no idea how he does it, but his terrible taste in music is as varied as his joke repertoire. Often he’ll be on the back ropes in a game, only to come back swinging in the 5th turn and somehow steal the win. We put it down to his youthful good looks, or something. I’ve no idea what Shane’s preferred army is, as he somehow has all of them. Sporting to a tee (he once brought goodie bags to a tournament for his opponents), he’ll happily help you to learn about his army du jour, which at the moment seems to be a modern recreation of his childhood Ultramarines army. For Calgar!

Carlos Robertos

Carl is our international man of mystery. We’re sure he’s a spy for MI6 or something, as for half the year he disappears off to the alps, and has been known to cycle for hundreds of miles just for a game of 40k. Famed for his grey Space Marines, his master tactic is to not paint them, and choose a different Chapter Tactic every week! And who can blame him. More recently, his foray into the world of the Drukhari has given him a sinister palor, and something of a reputation as a brutal strategist, too.

Jamie Wiseman


This is me, asleep in a car – no I’m not driving. Still relatively new to 40k (after two years), I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it. My army of choice are my Dark Angels, having collected them since my returning to the hobby (I played in the Rogue Trader days with my school friends), but I occasionally turn my hand to Heretic Astartes, Death Guard and occasionally Tyranids. Among my best tactics are ‘make up the rules as we go’, ‘maybe the tyranids will get full up’, ‘scare them into submission by rolling a lot of ones’, and a personal favourite ‘melee expert Vindicare Assassin’.

Le Roy ‘The Proctologist’ Thomas

Le Roy is our newest member, having played with the Viet Taff with Pablo for many years. His impressive Death Guard army have won competitions the world over (I’m told), and those opponents who aren’t impressed by slowly shambling disease ridden hordes are definitely impressed by his well-kept beard. It’s probably best not to ask why we call him The Proctologist.