Going to my first ever ITC style event……..

If you go down to the shed today….

So, the Christmas season is over and now we can back into the steady routine of regular wargaming again (😉).

One of the ‘shedders’ suggested we attend an ITC style event (run by the Vale renegades, held at Firestorm games in Cardiff) in Feb.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that this style of event has never really appealed to me. It always seems to be about power gaming with the most optimised lists conceivable.

After a chat over a cuppa, those of us who were available decided we would give it a go. We read through the rules pack, deciphering the scoring system as we went. As with most ITC events the scoring system includes ways to score points every player turn and at game’s end. I have to confess it does look complicated, but, “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue….. ” as they saying goes 😀. Although I hope my language is not “the blue” bit 😉

Enny Meeny Minney Mo……..

So my preferred army at the moment is Orks. Now, there are some really strong builds out there from this dex, but, not any that I am really familiar playing with. That, and the fact I do not actually own 30+ Gretchin, 25+ Lootas 😉.

My normal list uses multiple trukks, battlewagons and bikers, but let’s be honest, it probably wouldn’t last a round against most ITC lists. What then should I take? What I did know was that it needed to be Evil Suns (mainly because that’s what the majority of my Boyz are painted as 😀).

After a few practice games with the guys, and, a few suggestions thrown in, I went home and number crunched until my head exploded……. I have literally written about 20+ differing lists……..

I finally decided that taking vehicles, especially Ork ones would be a bit of a liability. They are really really fast to be sure, but, I have a suspicion that there is going to be a lot of anti tank and haywire weaponry all over the shop. I was looking through my models (both assembled and unassembled) and I thought this would be a golden opportunity to galvanise my self into beefing up my Boyz.

Horde it is then. 2 battalions of infantry worth. Not normally my usual style as I may have suggested, but the additional CP will bring it’s own rewards 😀

Battalion Detachment One.

A Warboss with an Attack Squig, Power Klaw and a Kombi Skorcha. Relic – Da killa Klaw. He will be my Warlord. His trait will be Brutal but Kunnin’ or Follow me lads dependant on opponent.

A Big Mek (index) with a KFF and a Big choppa.

30 Slugga boys – Boss Nob with a Big Choppa and 3 x Tankbusta bombs

30 Shoota boys – Boss Nob with a Big Choppa and Kombi Skorcha plus 3 x Big shoota boys and 3 x Tankbusta bombs.

10 Gretchin.

10 Nobz – 5 x Power Klaw

Nob with Waaagh Banner

20 Stormboyz – Boss Nob with Power Klaw

Battalion Detachment two.

Wierdboy (Warphead) – Da jump and Fists of Gork

Wierdboy (Warphead) – Da Jump and Warpath.

20 Slugga Boyz – Boss Nob with Big Choppa and 2 x Tankbusta bombs.

10 Slugga Boyz – Boss Nob with a Big Choppa and 1 Tankbusta bomb.

10 Gretchin


15 x Kommandos – Boss Nob with a Power Klaw and 2 x Burnas and 3 x Tankbusta bombs

15 x Tankbustas – Boss Nob, 3 x Tank hammers, 3 x Pair of Rokkit Pistols and 4 Bomb Squigs.

The grand old Duke of York…….

So what are my tactics?

Well with so many ‘drops’ the chances are I’ll be going second most games. My tactics need to revolve around counter assaults and sneaky tricks.

The Kommandos will infiltrate.

The Stormboys will wait in ‘low orbit’.

The Tankbustas will be held on a tellyporta.

The Nobz will also be held on a tellyporta.

The Warpheads will attempt to launch one of the Boys Mobs up the table. The remainder will try to survive and/or score some points (😉).

At the start of my second turn. The Kommandos, Tankbustas, Stormboys and Nobz will pop out of every nook and cranny and either support and/or avenge the Slugga boys unit (which hopefully, if badly mauled, comes back as an Unstoppable Green Tide – courtesy of a stratagem of the same name)

Not the most subtle of plans to be sure. As soon as my opposition see these units being held in reserve they will plan for it. It really will depend on what they bring.

Humpty Dumpty sat on the Shed………

With the event only weeks away. I need to make sure all of my miniatures are repaired and painted.

I’ll report back how it all went after the event. Who knows…….. I might even have won a game…….. or two……… ha ha ha.


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